Long story short, my cat doesn’t like to be picked up. Occasionally, I still do it, but typically just a few seconds before she wiggles away.

On one nice morning, my friend came over. She either forgot my warning or neglected it and my cat voiced his “annoyance” throughout the shirt of my friend. testkk

Fast forward to a few months ago, right after my alarm went off.

My cat can’t tell time, so all of a sudden, her call for breakfast was at 5 am (it used to be at 6 am).

So she clambering on the bed, poking my face, meowing to wake me up. Without thinking further about what might lead to, I pushed my cat away and immediately regretted it.

Directly in my face, my cat voiced her displeasure. The next day, she got an automatic feeder.

Another story of my evil cat, one day, I opened a beer bottle and the cap flew into my cat accidentally.

I discovered my shoes full of pee in the morning and next to them was this bottle cap. I laughed at first and then realized everything. She. Was. Taking. A. Freaking. Revenge. At. Me.

After all this time, I still managed to stay alive during the hard times that my cat given.

The key is to realize how will your cat behave towards the way you treat them. Cats are emotionally distanced.

You may think that you are the owner but according to cats, it’s the other way round. In fact, they are your masters and you need to serve them well. 

Now, aren’t you dying to know what kind of behaviors that cats do when they have the intention to murder you?